What Your Handbag Brand Says About You

We all have our preferences, and they reveal a lot about our personality, even without our knowing it. One such choice is our love for the handbag brand we tote. This article will tell you what your handbag brand says about you, and what the most expensive handbag is. Your handbag brand says a lot about … Read more

How to Organize Handbags – The Beautiful Closet Display

How to Organize Handbags

You may have wondered how to organize handbags you own in such a way that they’re easy for you to grab on your way out while maintaining the pretty display in your closet. We spent time researching on the best ways to arrange your bags, considering the fact that not everyone has lots of space … Read more

What Happened to B. Makowsky Handbags – Honest Answer

what happened to B. Makowsky handbags

What happened to B. Makowsky handbags, you may wonder. If you are relatively new to the fashion world, then the name Makowsky may sound foreign to you. You definitely will be more used to designer names like Fendi, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and the likes. When was B. Makowsky Brand Established? The B. Makowsky brand was … Read more