How to Crochet a Handbag

A lot of people crochet just as a hobby, but this is also craftwork that can earn you a means of living. Many people, while growing up, pick up an interest in crocheting from their grandma because grannies usually like to knit stuff. To most grandmas then it was just a hobby, but to younger people, it’s much more than that. Some of these people always thought of ways to make money from crocheting, so they began learning and perfected it.

Although crocheting a handbag is our focus, other beautiful craftworks can also be crocheted. Examples of such are sweater, socks, hairband, wristband, flannels, and footwear. Using the simple crocheting technique that will be shown here, you can create something from your imagination. Let’s get creative!

Do you want to learn how to crochet a handbag for your use or sale? Here’s a step-by-step guide for starters. These simple and basic crocheting techniques will surely help you create something unique. Additionally, they are adaptable to any size, pattern or style of bag.

Definition of Terms

What is Crochet?

Crochet is craftwork of using a hook-like needle to draw intertwined loops of wool, thread, or yarn. The word “Crochet” originates from a French word which means “small-hook”. It can be used to make handbags, purses, hair bonnet, napkin, sweater, socks, and table cover.

What is Yarn or Knit Wool?

A yarn or knit wool is a thread-like rope that is made from natural or synthetic fibre, and often used for weaving and knitting. It is a long strand of twisted and interlocked fibres. It comes in different sizes, texture, and thickness.

What is a Crotchet or Crochet Hook?

A crochet or crochet Hook is a hook-like needle used for crocheting. It is referred to as crochet. It can be made from iron, rubber, or wood. It is the most important tool in crocheting.

How To Crochet A Handbag– Basic Materials And Tools Needed

To crochet a handbag you need the following.

1. Yarns or knitting wool (you can use one or more colours of your choice)

2. Crocheting hook

3. Sewing needle and Thread

4. Zip or Buttons

5. A pair of scissors

6. Chalk or light-pen

How To Crochet A Handbag- Basic Steps

To crochet a handbag, do these:

Step One: Decide on the stitch, crochet hook, yarn, color and pattern of the bag

Step Two: Get you materials and equipment ready

Step Three: Crochet the foundation stitch or base

Step Four: Craft your beautiful and desired handbag

Step Five: Knit a strap or handle for your bag

Step Six: Add finishing touches

These steps will be explained in detail below

Step One: Decision Making- Stitch, Crochet Hook, Yarn

To make one of these beauties, you will require, among other things, patience, precision, and hard work.

Deciding what stitch, crotchet size and yarns to use is important. So also is the type of bag you plan to make.

Decide the Type of Crochet Stitch

What is a Crochet Stitch?

A crochet stitch is the outcome of intertwining a yarn with a crochet hook. It is pattern or design that is applied while crocheting. The crochet stitch determines the result you will get.

Therefore, you’ll need to choose which crotchet stitch to use out of about 20 different crocheting stitches.

What Are the Easiest Crochet Stitches?

The easiest crochet stitches are:

1. Single stitch

2. Double stitch

3. Half double stitch

4. Treble stitch

5. Granny stitch

6. Moss stitch

7. Chain Stitch

If you are a beginner, we recommend the single or double stitch as they’re the easiest you can learn.

Decide on the Type of Knitting Wool or Yarn

The type and size of knitting wool or yarn is determined by the type of stitch and crochet hook you have.

Are Knitting Wool and Yarn the Same?

Knitting wool and yarn are not the same. Knitting wool is extracted from sheep and it is an animal- fiber type of yarn. Yarn comes in three different types- plant-based, animal-based,and synthetic yarn. It comes in various sizes, colors and qualities.

For beginners, it’s best to work with cotton/acrylic yarns because they’re simple, plain and easy to use. Using a ball of bright-coloured knitting wool is also helpful because it’ll help you easily keep track of your stitches. Keep in mind that acrylic yarns are stretchier, unlike the less stretchy cotton yarns.

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Decide on the Crochet Size

How Do You Know What Crochet Size To Use?

You can know what crochet hook size to use by following these steps.

1. Pick up the wool

2. Check the label on it for the size of the wool

3. Get a corresponding size of crochet hook.

4. If it is not available, you can use a hook .5mm larger than the wool or yarn.

There are many sizes of crotchets or crochet hooks ranging from 2mm to 25mm. The thickness of the yarn determines the crotchet size used; this means the bigger the yarn, the bigger the crocheting hook. It’s always best to use the crotchet size recommended on the yarn labels.

How Does Hook Size Affect Crochet?

The hook size affects the outcome of the crochet stitch. It influences the pattern, design and the space that would be left. A small crochet hook will always produce small space and tight stitches while a larger crochet hook will produce a larger space and loose stitches.

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Decide on The Type/Shape of The Bag

Beginners often start with rectangle or square-shaped bags. This is because these shapes can be easily crocheted. Most of the other shapes like the triangle require stitch reduction and are learned as you advance. Sizes differ according to individual preference; the choice is yours.

Note: To finish your bag faster, use thicker yarns and crochet. This will make your stitches larger, and in turn, increase the rows quicker. Larger stitches stretch more when compared to smaller stitches.

Step Two: Getting Materials Needed for Your Craftwork

Get your materials! You may think that getting materials for craftworks is difficult, but obtaining these materials is no rocket science. These can easily be bought from any local crafts shop or ordered online. The materials you will need have been stated earlier.

What Material Do You Need For Crocheting?

You need a yarn for crocheting. This could be wool, cotton, or synthetic yarn. Wool is the warmest and easiest. Cotton is not elastic. Synthetic yarn is made from aceylic materials. Different yarns have their benefits and shortcomings.

Note that picking some of these items as a beginner may seem confusing. So, it’s always advised you seek the shop attendant’s help when picking them. Below is what a yarn looks like.

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Step Three: Crocheting the Foundation Stitch (also known as the base)

What is a Foundation Stitch?

A foundation stitch is the forms the base or starting point of a crochet. It consists of a chain and a standard crochet stitch. Foundation stitches form the layer that subsequent layers follow. A foundation stictch is determined is determined by the type of crochet stitch you intend to use.

How Do You Make a Foundation Stitch?

To make a foundation stitch, do these:

1. Roll up some yarns on your less dominant index finger.

2. Hold the loop on the same hand using the thumb and index finger, and crotchet on the other hand.

3. Make two chain using two strands of yarn. To achieve this, tie a knot around your index finger and form a loop with yarns together.

4. Insert your crocheting hook through the loop, wrapping it around the yarns from bottom left, and pull through the loop.

5. Skip the first chain immediately after the last and make three single or double crochet stitches backward in the next chain.

6. After this, make one single or double stitches along the remaining chains except the last chain.

7. You’ll make two single/double crochet stitch on the last chain.

8. Tighten and adjust the chain to your desired design.

The number of chains, of course, depends on the size of the handbag you desire. Bigger bags will require a greater number of chains, while a smaller bag will require fewer chains.

Here’s what a chain stitch look like.

How to Crochet a Handbag
Photo Credit: Laura Moncur,

How to Make Single Crochet Stitch

To make a single crochet stitch, do the following.

1. Wrap crotchet around yarns from bottom left

2. Insert into the loop

3. Twist anti-clockwise

4. Pull up loops

5. Yarn over again

6. Pull through all the loops at once.

See picture below.

How to Crochet a Handbag
Photo Credit: Viki,

How To Make Double Crochet Stitch

You can make a double crochet stitch by following steps.

1. Wrap crotchet around yarns from bottom left

2. Insert into the loop

3. Twist anti-clockwise

4. Pull up loops

5. Yarn over again

6. Pull through the first loop on the hook

7. Yarn over again

8. Pull through the remaining two loops on the hook

Here’s how it looks.

How to Crochet a Handbag
Photo Credit: Viki,

If you’re planning on toting a particular item with the bag, you should measure them before starting, for precision. See the pictures attached as well and follow the steps.

Step Four: Crafting Your Beautiful and Desired Handbag

Now that we have a base, what’s next? It’s time to craft our beautiful bag.

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How Do You Craft A Crochet Handbag?

You can craft a crotchet when you’ve got to the last chain. Continue with the single or double crochet stitch onto the chain’s opposite side. Going around in a clockwise manner, do this repeatedly until you get the desired height. If you are making a circular bag, insert the crochet at the other end of the foundation chain. This would give you a circular shape.

You can choose to make a deep, hollow, shallow bag, or decide to leave it as a clutch or purse. Deep pocket bags are ideal, so you don’t have to worry about losing any item. You are also at liberty to change yarn colours as you please within rows. Combining colours adds to the beauty of a crocheted bag when done correctly.

How Do You Make a Crochet Bag with a Flap?

To make a bag with a flap, continue with the single/double crochet stitch on just one side of your bag. Do this till you’ve reached your desired height. For instance, you can make a flap that is 5 inches tall for a bag that is 10 inches high.

Step Five: Knitting a Strap or Handle for your Bag

Having a crochet bag with a handle relieves the arm a lot of pressure when carrying it. To attach a strap to your crochet bag, there are two ways to go about it.

The first is to follow step three above. However, to increase the width, crochet backward along each row and not in a clockwise manner. This will be stitched onto the bag at the end. Remember that a tiny strap is more appropriate for small-sized crochet bags and a large strap for a big-sized crochet bag.

How Do You Attach a Strap To A Crochet Handbag?

You can attach a strap or handle to a crochet handbag by following these steps

1. At one end of the crochet bag where you have the last stitch, use a marker to mark some stitches. This will determine the width of your strap/handle.

2. Mark about four stitches backward (for tiny strap) crochet along with them and then reverse at the end of them.

3. Continue with this pattern until you have reached your desired length

4. Then stitch onto the other end using needle and thread.

Note: You can also choose to attach the strap using the slip stitch or fix a ready-made plastic handle.

Step Six: Finishing Touches

Now that we’ve reached our desired height, stop crocheting. It’s time to tie up the loose ends.

How Do Tie Up Loose Ends After Crocheting?

To tie-up loose ends after crocheting, make a single crochet stitch, but this time pull out more yarns. Tie to make a double bow using both ends of the yarns and cut out loose ends afterward.

It’s time to stitch on the zip and strap. Sew these firmly, to avoid your crochet bag breaking loose when it contains heavy items. Neatly stitch the zipper onto the bag’s lip. Then sew the handle onto both ends using your needle and thread. Unless you’ll like to have a contrasting colored seam, use a matching or neutral color thread to sew. Thereafter, trim out the rough yarns and threads to give a fine look.

For button lovers, here’s a clue to stitching your button onto the bag, although crochet bags with zipping are mostly preferred. While knitting, close to the lip of the handbag, leave about three to four chain spaces within two consecutive rows. The buttonhole depends on your button size, though.

For smaller-sized buttons, you can leave two chain spaces just on one row. Finally, stitch the button directly opposite the stitches on the other side of the crochet bag. And this is the simple technique to get yourself that crocheted handbag you’ve been desiring. Now you can grace any occasion, tote a given item, and still slay with your crocheted handbag.

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Crochet handbag, when finished, is usually lovely and a sensation globally, even among celebrities. Besides Martha Stewart, the distinguishably excellent crafty celeb, there are numerous others. Disclosing this to Forbes, Jane Seymour mentioned selling her beautifully knitted and crocheted creations at London chain stores.

Here are some detailed articles you may find useful:

Bonus: How to Make a Slip Stitch

What is a Slip Stitch?

A slip stitch is a technique of intertwining yarns across stitches in a systematic pattern that results in a different design. It is a short stitch that does not add height to crochet. It can be used to join ends together when working with round designs.

The slip stitch is a primary stitch that every crochet enthusiast should know. This stitch is fundamental to making a masterpiece. It can be used to add some decorations, join separate pieces, and even finish work with some simple edges.

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You can use the slip stitch to form circle or move along rows without adding any height. Making some patterns may also require slip stitch especially when working smaller stitches, as it’s the shortest stitch.

How To Make A Slip Stitch

Here’s how to make a slip stitch

1. With an active loop already on the crotchet, insert the hook on the next spot where the slip stitch will start.

2. Yarn over and pull through the existing loop. This is for finishing with tight and smooth edges.

3. Insert your crochet on your desired spot where the design will start and stick it out from the other end.

4. With your yarn rolled up on one index finger and thumb pressing down on the other end, yarn over and pull through.

5. Leave about a 2-inch long tail, then insert your hook on the next spot just like in the first instance.

6. However, this time, pull through the two newly created loops.

The essence of the above style is to make the pattern pronounced. To finish up and tie loose ends, follow step six above on how to tie loose ends.

Note: To create a neat design, you’ll have to first draw the pattern using chalk or light-pen on your project. This serves as a marker, so you don’t go off the track.

Yes, making a crochet bag may seem a daunting task, but it’s a beauty to behold when finished. Now get yourself that desired crocheted bag you’ve always hoped for.

Video Lesson: Learn How to Crochet a Handbag from Scratch to Finish

This video here will show you how to crochet a bag from the scratch, as a beginner. Watch carefully, so you don’t miss any detail

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, adopting these simple and basic crocheting techniques can help you become a pro crocheter. Tho they are simple to learn, you need to practice often to become a professional. After reading this article, you will not only perfect your crocheting skills but also teach others how.

How To Crochet A Handbag- Related FAQs

What is Considered as a Row in Crochet?

In crochet, a row is considered as any line of stitch that you have worked across the foundation stitch or base chain. Only the foundation stitch or base chain cannot be considered a row. This is because the foundation chain serves as the starting point and base of your craft. However, if a single stitch or double stitch is passed through the foundation stitch, it is considered a row.

Counting rows in the craft of crocheting can, therefore, start from the foundation stitch or base. 

How Do You Keep the Tension When Crocheting?

You can keep the tension when crocheting with the use of your fingers on the other hand. If you are left-handed, use your right hand, and if you are right-handed, use your left hand.

Keeping the tension when crocheting is really important. This is because the tension will determine how tight or loose your work will be.

A simple method to keep tension is to wrap your pinky finger around the yarn. Place the part to be hooked between the middle finger and the index finger. Lay it right above the index finger. Make sure the yarn moves through your fingers without any obstructions.

How Do You Reinforce a Crochet Bag?

You can reinforce your crochet bag by doing the following:

  1. Stitch the sides tightly with a strong stitch.
  2. Protect the edges of the handbag by stitching it inward to hem it.
  3. Ensure that the strap or bag handle is tightly affixed to the bag.
  4. Use strong and quality yarn.
  5. Lining the handbag with felt fabric. This will make it firmer and sturdier. 
  6. Use a mixture of two yarns to create a thicker result.
  7. Do not forget to secure the corners of the handbag.
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Can You Use Glue to Finish a Crochet Handbag?

You cannot use glue to finish a crochet handbag. This is because it is made from yarns. Glue is not a suitable choice to be used to finish any yarn material.

You can use a matchstick or lighter to slightly burn off the edges and prevent it from creasing. This should be done with care so that you do not burn your material.

You can also add finishing touches to a crochet handbag with the use of a stitching needle and sewing thread. Ensure you use a color of thread that is neutral or related to that of the crochet handbag.

How Do You Make a Tote Crochet Handbag?

You can make a tote crochet handbag by following these steps:

  1. Make the foundation chain with 9 chains
  2. Skip the first chain and make another stitch inside the other chains
  3. Start another row from the last chain
  4. Keep stitching until you reach 33 rows
  5. Mark the first stitch. This will serve as the bottom of the bag
  6. Start making single stitches around the rows to get the body of your tote bag
  7. Make sure you count the loops to avoid mistakes
  8. Slip stitch to end the rows
  9. Afterward, add finishing touches.

You can decide to use a mixture of two or three colors of yarn.

What the Fastest Crochet Stitch for Handbags?

The fastest crochet stitch for handbags is a double crochet stitch. It is easy and quick to learn. It can be used to stitch bigger yarns. The double crochet stitch is done by wrapping the crochet around yarns from the bottom left. Insert the hook into the loop. Twist anti-clockwise and pull up the loops. Yarn over again. Then, pull through the first loop on the hook and yarn over again. Afterward, pull through the remaining two loops on the hook. This type of crochet stitch produces a unique and beautiful design for handbags.

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