Why Does the Queen Always Carry a Handbag?

Her royal highness is simply elegant whenever she steps out in public view. Anyone would hardly see her without her bag as she is never fully ready to step out in public without it. This has made people wonder: why does the Queen always carry a handbag?

why does the queen always carry a handbag
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She comes out looking perfect in dresses suited for the occasion. Whenever she is seen in casual attire, Her Majesty looks so simple and smart. It is no mincing word when we say the Queen is a fashion guru. Her collections are quite exotic, of course, we should expect that she models in the best of apparel.

Surprisingly, even in her old age, she still knows a lot about fashion. An official in the palace had earlier disclosed that no one chooses her wears. The Queen selects each dress that she wears by herself.

The Queen always carries a handbag to serve as a communication tool, as well as, a portable carriage for essential items. These items include a camera, mirror, gloves, kerchief, reading glasses, and a fountain pen.

She is shown several sketches of dresses from which she chooses the one she wants before the dress is made. Her designer, Angela Kelly has sewn several dresses for her and the relationship with her majesty has blossomed over time. Even at old age she still does a combination of wears that has always wowed her cheering fans.

What is the Queen’s Favorite Bag?

The Queen’s favorite handbag is the Launer. Launer has gotten the all-time license to be the sole producer of the Queen’s bags. They have since 1981 produced all the Queens bags. Credit goes to some photo brands like Getty images who have continually publicized this brand whenever they take Her Majesty’s pictures.

What Do the Queen’s Handbags Mean?

The Queen’s handbag means a communication tool. She could send signals to her staff that she wants a particular event or program to come to an end or such other things with it.

Some palace experts have disclosed a possible answer to why the Queen usually carries a handbag. They say her handbag is used as a tool she communicates with.

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This makes sense, as Her Majesty cannot be caught having to wave her hand to end an event. That would seem discourteous for someone of her ranking in society.

Uses Of the Queen’s Handbag?

The Queen’s handbag is used for:

1. Carrying her accessories and whatever she wears

2. Acting as a secret intercom.

Here are some detailed articles you may find useful:

What’s the Queen’s Most Preferred Handbag Color?

The Queen’s most preferred handbag color is black. She is seen in most pictures having it strapped to her left arm. This color fits into most of her outfits, although it is not one bag. She owns several of the same type. It is estimated that she has about 200 of such bags in some other neutral colours.

Someone can be so sure that Queen Elizabeth would have made history if she is caught without a handbag on camera. She is one of the few royals with an A-game to fashion. And she always carries one, even when she is at an indoor event. They are one of her cherished possessions.

For most ladies, holding handbags is appropriate for outdoor activities. Some would consider it a burden if mandated to hold them everywhere. Plus, storing the bags can be such a task. But it seems the Queen sees this differently; the bags could seem more like companions to her.

The only time she may stay without her bags might be when she is in a relaxed environment like when she goes on a vacation to the Balmoral castle In Italy with her family, where she doesn’t have to carry the responsibilities in the palace.

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Having her handbag handy is the best way to have all the little things she needs.

It’s been said it holds her mints, reading glasses, a pen, a portable hook to hang the bag under tables and a kerchief, among other quirky things.

Some staff working with her have revealed that she carries a diary and a camera, too.

Video: How the Queen Handles Her Bags

This video is a visual representation of what we are talking about here. Watch…

Why Does the Queen Always Carry a Handbag – Conclusion

The Queen carries a handbag for convenience. She stores the necessary items she needs in it, as well as have an on-call button to alert security in case of danger. Her handbags are not necessarily just fashion accessories; they are a part of her safety and comfort accessories.

Why Does the Queen Always Carry A Handbag –Related FAQs

Does the Queen carry a Gun in Her Handbag?

The Queen does not carry a gun in her portable handbag. Her handbag is one of the most loved and cherished items. Surprising as it may seem, it is difficult to sight the Queen on any occasion without her handbag.

The royal monarch carries important items like her reading glasses, small mirror, pen, handkerchief, suction cup, camera, and a small portable hook. The essence of the hook is to hang her bag under a dinner table when she is outside the palace.

Does Queen Elizabeth Signal with Her Bag?

Queen Elizabeth can make signals with her bag. More than just being a prized possession, the Queen’s bag is also a communicating medium to the palace officials or staff. The bag can be used to send messages of urgency without the use of words in an event or occasion. It passes a message of the need to put an end to a conversation or meeting in a short time.

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When she places her bag on a table, it signals to the officials that she needs to be excused from the meeting in the next five minutes. In a like manner, if she puts it on the ground, she is saying the ongoing conversation is a boring one.

Little wonder how a bag can pass messages and signals. Queen Elizabeth’s bag is utterly worth more than just a handbag. 

Does Queen Elizabeth Shake Hands?

Queen Elizabeth does shake hands. The same goes for other royals. This rests on the rule that you do not reach out to them first; they extend their hands to shake people.

Queen Elizabeth, one of the eldest monarchs in Britain, has a history of reaching out to shake hands or waving to the public whenever she goes out.

Her majesty is known to carry her Launer handbag strapped to her left arm to enable her perform her duties judiciously. Sometimes, she wears a glove as she extends her hands to shake people.

Who Designs the Queen’s Handbag?

Most of the Queen’s handbags are designed by Sam Launer. Queen Elizabeth started using bags designed by Launer when he sent her a bag in 1968. She has about 200 different handbags from Launer designs. Her Launer handbags are always black. This is because black is a versatile color for handbags.

Launer designs the Queen’s bag with so many unique and distinct features coupled with simplicity. The Queen’s bag does not come with a zipper. It has a slightly longer handle, matching wallet, and a portable mirror. It is usually made from shining leather which makes it simple and amazingly comfortable.

What is the Queen’s Best Handbag Color?

The Queen’s best handbag color is black. The Queen has catchy eyes for black handbags. This is because black color can blend amazingly with a great number of outfits. Her bags are characterized majorly by various shades of black which include charcoal black, carbon black, jet black, red-black, and vanta black. 

Her handbags also have a slight touch of other colors like red, yellow, green, silver, or gold on it.  Her bright and colorful outfits also create a perfect combination or blend with her handbags.

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